CRSSE wants to come closer to you


Since 2015 we decided to come to meet the many requests received and begin to facilitate training and qualification in the country. In all open regional centers we conduct courses  with our facilitators and local staff so as to ensure that there will be no qualitative difference, and the learning experience of the students will be one of the highest level.

Cluj Regional Center

Cluj Regional Center is the benchmark in the training of coaches (antrenori) in football, basketball, handball and other specialties for CRSSE. Cluj Regional Center activity is conducted in partnership with various Sports Clubs.

Educational activities are carried out in locations where we provide students complete facilities for both the theoretical and the practical order, including the possibility of involving groups of children and juniors on various sports disciplines with their holders.

Regional Center Cluj is coordinated by Mr Claudiu Trinca

Galati Regional Center

Galati is the second city of Moldova that will be represented on the list of our regional centers.

Within the competence of the Regional Center Galati will enter all the surrounding counties.

Together with local partners we provide students the best learning solutions from both a theoretical and experiential.

The project CRSSE Galati it is coordinated by Mr. Strainu Costel.

Iasi Regional Center

Iasi represent for CRSSE the first Regional Center in the country. We chose Moldovan city because of  its tradition in sport and education, and openness with which we were received by organizations who coordinates the sport in the region.

Iasi Regional Center covering neighboring counties and addresses all branches of sport.

Parteners CRSSE in Iasi  it is Sports club Politehnica Iasi, with whom we want to create a solid base of training of future specialists in sports.

The center is coordinated by Mr. Nucu Antohi which is the regional coordinator for Moldova.

Timisoara Regional Center

Timisoara is a landmark in Romanian sport,  over time proved to be a source of talent in all sports.

Timisoara Regional Center it is covering neighboring counties and addresses all branches of sport.

Together with our local partners, CRSSE provides future coaches a specific material base for the educational process to assist in deepening experiential knowledge in system.

The center is coordinated by Mr. Ciprian Urican