Donate 2% of annual income for the future coaches, sport instructors or physical trainers

Individuals and freelancers who earn taxable income have the opportunity to direct two percent (2%) of the Income Tax in the previous year to a nonprofit entity.

The facility consists of tax the taxpayer the right to decide on the destination of an amount paid by him the state budget in dissociate himself.

The taxpayer may request the State to transfer 2% of the tax paid by him, payable on annual income, the annual net income from the transfer of securities, the annual net income from operations for the sale of currency futures, on a contract basis, and other such operations.

This donation does not cost the taxpayer anything! Only a form to fill out and submitted to the Fisc. If you do not use this option, the amount will still be managed by the state.

Redirect up to 20% of corporation tax.

Blocks is very simple manner. The Company calculates the sum for the 20% of corporation tax then concludes with sponsorship contract with the NGO that wants to support him, and the expenses are deductible.

This sponsorship does not involve additional expenses and does not affect the company's net profit.

The advantages of such type of donations is that company representatives are free to choose the destination of an amount, which would otherwise reach the state anyway, and, in addition, contribute to a good cause, without any expense.

Also, the contribution of each company could cause a significant advance in preventing and solving social problems.


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