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National Centre for Vocational Training of Coaches C.N.F.P.A. - Centrul National de Formare si Perfectionare a Antrenorilor - 


National Center for Training of Coaches is a public institution with legal personality, subordinated the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The activity of the National Centre for Training and Training of Trainers is the formation, promotion and enhancement of coaches and other specialists in sport, according to the coach's status and other legal provisions in force, in cooperation with national sports federations, the central public administration bodies with responsibilities in the field of sport and specialized bodies abroad.

Bucharest Police Club
School and University Sports Federation

Graduate School Sports Federation and in accordance with the Rules of Organization and Operation, publicly debate "and Graduate School Sport Strategy for the period 2016-2032

Romanian Federation of Kempo

Kempo's beauty lies precisely in the multitude of fighting techniques and tactics of existing as well as finding new ones. To fight evolves with the evolution of human being and remain secluded in outdated dogma in the name of "traditionalism" basically means not simply evolve.

Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania

BCCBR is an autonomous, non-governmental organization which aims to provide the necessary support to business communities in Bulgaria and Romania and stimulate industry and trade between the two countries.

BCCBR provides support to companies wishing to develop and export the two markets.