CRSSE - the complete solution for personal development


CRSSE vision in terms of educational opportunities is to offer complete solutions based on specific needs of students.

This is why we have chosen the vocational courses, and we believe that alternative learning throughout life is the right solution for creating professional sport in education, people who represent not only some coaches / teachers, but to be primarily for athletes and children models in terms of both professional and behavioral.



The training courses are based learning in any field. During adult life each of us can make choices about his future as a professional, about the industry in which wants to operate and very concretely to his job.

We, in CRSSE, believe that certain trades are or should be taken by people with vocation.One of this is the coach.

Vocation is what differentiates a successful coach of a mediocre one.

Therefore we have created and use a flexible learning program that combines theory with many practical applications, directly in the room or on the playing field. The ideal learning of CRSSE when the student reaches  field as a coach can have immediate results by putting into practice the notions received.


Within any profession there are different levels of competence. Work experience adds to each of us an personal development. Our experience as professionals in education has shown us that in the society we live, the performance is the key to getting specialization. Especially in sports, the solution is teamwork, coaching, staff partners, each bringing added value through their involvement in the team who are experts in different specialties. This made us to build courses on various subjects. One of the course of specialization from CRSSE is the Sports Instructor, course already completed over 600 professionals in the sport.



The upper level of any life learning process is improving. We all learn every day of our lives, we all want to get better at our work and looking for perfection. CRSSE comes to help specialists in sports by involving practitioners in position of facilitators for our courses. And participation in these courses bring a high level of information with concrete examples of success on the playing field.

The most popular course of CRSSE on this level is the one of Physical Trainer, were over 300 participants graduated and where our facilitators, all professionals who's practical experience in the field can bring new knowledge about how this activity is seen in clubs and organizations nationwide and worldwide.